Lunch Special

(Available on Monday to Friday, until 5pm. Not on Bank Holidays)


Spaghetti Arrabiata (With fresh chilli in a tomato sauce) £4.95

Penne alla Pancetta (Bacon and chilli in a tomato sauce) £4.95

Spaghetti alla Bolognese (Pasta in a home-made Ragu sauce) £4.95

Penne Polpette (Meat balls in a spicy tomato sauce) £5.50

Penne alla Carbonara (Smoked bacon, mushrooms and egg in a cream sauce) £5.50

Lasagne (Layers of pasta with a ragout sauce in a béchamel and mozzarella cheese) £5.95

Penne Marinaio (Squid and fresh chilli in a tomato sauce) £5.75


Risotto Braccio di Ferro (Spinach in a creamy gorgonzola sauce) £5.95

Risotto Marinara (Italian rice with seafood and peppers in saffron sauce) £8.95

Risotto Pollo e Funghi (Chicken and mushrooms in a cream sauce) £5.95

Meat and Fish

Pollo Milanese (Breaded pan-fried chicken supreme, served with spaghetti in Napolitan sauce) £7.75

Pollo ai Funghi (Pan-fried chicken topped with mushrooms in a tomato sauce, with roasted potatoes) £7.45

Calamari (Marinated squid, deep fried or cooked with a spicy tomato sauce. Served with chips) £7.45


Margherita (Mozzarella and tomato) £4.95

Ortolana (Grilled vegetables, tomato and mozzarella) £4.95

Napoletana (Prosciutto cotto ham, tomato and mozzarella) £4.95

Americana (Salami, tomato and mozzarella) £4.95

Fiorentina (Spinach, olives, egg, tomato and mozzarella) £4.95

Capricciosa (Cotto ham, olives, mushrooms, mozzarella and tomato ) £5.95

Mamma Mia (Caramelised onion, crispy smoked bacon, spinach, goat cheese, mozzarella and tomato ) £6.00

Alpina (Bacon, pepperoni sausage, green pepper, mozzarella and tomato ) £5.50


Tradizionale (Ham, mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella) £5.95

Pollastrol (Chicken, spinach, roasted pepper, chillies, tomato and mozzarella) £5.95


Torinese (Cotto ham, baby mozzarella, artichoke, mixed leaves and freshly baked garlic bread) £5.95

Tricolore (Buffalo, mozzarella, tomato, avocado, olives with pesto sauce) £5.95


(All our desserts are freshly made in our kitchen; the way our Mamma used to make them)

Tiramisu (Layers of savoiardi biscuits, dipped in espresso with whipped mixture of mascarpone and pasteurized egg, topped with cocoa) £3.95

Cheese Cake (A crunchy base light cheese cake, with a layer of caramelized apple with a hint of lime, baked in the oven) £3.95

Panna Cotta (An Italian phrase which means “cooked cream”. It is a creamy, set dessert, topped with fruit of forest coulis) £3.55

Torta Cioccolato (A homemade chocolate cake topped with a chocolate sauce) £3.75

Banoffee Pie (A cake made from layers of toffee, bananas and cream on a crunchy base) £3.85

Corretto Coffee


(Freshly ground coffee combined with the following: topped with cream)

Baileys Latte (Baileys)

Italian Job (Amaretto)

Irish Coffee (Whisky)

Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria)

Normandy (Brandy)

Jamaican (Rum)

Hot Drinks

Mamma Mia Espresso with Vanilla Ice Cream £2.95

Irish Nut Cappuccino £2.55

Espresso £1.65

Cappuccino £1.95

Mocha £1.95

Hot Chocolate £2.55

Latte £2.15

Double Espresso £1.95

Macchiato £1.45

Pot of Tea £1.85

Babycino £0.65

Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke bottle, Sprite £2.55

Mineral Water (50cl) £2.45

Tonik Water, Bitter Lemon £1.95

Fruit Juice £1.95

Milk Shake £3.65

Fresh Juice £3.65

Vinni e Birre

Blanco (Glass 175ml)£3.40

Merlot (Glass 175ml)£3.40

Peroni (330ml)£3.30

Budweiser (330ml)£3.30