Martini Bianco (50ml) £3.25

Campari (50ml) £3.25


Vodka Absolute (25ml) £3.50

Bacardi Rum (25ml) £3.50

Gordon's Gin (25ml) £3.50

More to come


Limoncello (25ml) £2.90

Malibu (25ml) £2.90

Bailey's (25ml) £2.90

Tia Maria (25ml) £2.90

Amaretto (25ml) £2.90

Southern Comfort (25ml) £2.90


Courvoisier (25ml) £3.50

Hennesey V.S. (25ml) £3.50


Jack Daniels (25ml) £3.50

Jim Beam (25ml) £23.50

Red Wine

750ml bottle(served at room temperature)

Vino Della Casa (House wine) (Italy) (Dry, rich powerful and dark in colour fruity with good character) 12% £15.95 Glass (Small) £4.70 (Large) £5.95

Merlot (Dacastello) (Italy) (Deep ruby red, tending with aging. Distinctive is more delicate when young, diverse and less pleasant aged. Sometimes sweet or dry, tannic and harmonious) 12% £17.50

Gabernet Sauvignon (Italy) (Intense ruby red with garnet,vanilla, wild plum and blueberry. Full and harmonious) 12% £18.50

Primitivo (Italy) (Full bodied and intense with lots of plummy taste and a long elegant finish over whelming, persistent, full and soft) 13.00% £19.00

Nero Di Avola (Sicilia) (Italy) (Ruby red colour, intense, persistent and fruity. Full, dry and harmonious) 12.5% £19.50

Valbella Sangiovese (Italy) (Ruby red, the bouquet is rich in plum fruit and soft cherry, with a savoury side to the palate) 12% £20

White Wine

750ml bottle(served chilled)

Vino Della Case (House wine) (Italy) (Golden in colour, typically dry but fruit-forward with a delicate bouquet and refreshing crisp acidity) 12% £15.95 Glass (Small) £4.70 (Large) £5.95

Greco Aestium (Italy) (Straw yellow with green reflection. Intense with mineral notes. Dry, robust with freshness) 12% £17.50

Pinot Grigio (Italy) (Elegant and seductive, straw, yellow rich colour, rich citrus nose and powerful aromas of ripened fruits) 12% £18.50

Sauvignon Blanc (Italy) (A delicious wine dry, light bodied) 12.5% £19.50

Falanghina (Italy) (Straw yellow with greenish. Intense and fruity, with hints of ripe fruit and citrus fruit) 12% £19.50

Soave Dacastello (DOC) (Italy) (Yellow wine with golden reflection characterized by intense and pleasant aroma on the palate it is dry, fresh and fruity) 12% £20

Rose Wine & Prosecco

Pinot Grigio Blush (Italy) (Pink colour, very fruity bouquet & pleasant teste) 12.5% £18.95

Glass (Small) £4.95 (Large) £5.95

Prosecco (Italy) (Straw yellow colour with intense aroma where the rent apple pulp appears and the fresh savoury juice of great fluidity) 11.50% £22.95 Small Bottle £6.95

Beers and Soft Drinks

San Miguel £3.50

Peroni (Nastro Azzurro) £3.90

Birra Moretti £3.50

Coke/Died Coke/Sprite £2.50

Italian Mineral Water (500ml Sparkling/Still) £2.50

Ginger Ale £1.50

Lime Cordial £0.80

Orange/Apple/Pineapple Juice £1.40

Mixers (Soda/Tonic) £1.50