Dolci (Dessert)

All our dessert are freshly made at premises

Crème Brulee £3.50

Torta al Cioccolato (Homemade chocolate cake) £3.50

Panna Cotta (An Italian phrase which means "cooked cream" flavoured with chocolate) £3.50

Tiramisu £3.50

Cheesecake (Homemade vanilla, and lemon zest cheese cake based on caramelised apple) £3.90

Ice cream (Variety of Haagen Daz) £5.50

Hot Drinks

Latte £2.25

Cappuccino £2.25

Espresso £1.65

Double Espresso £2.00

Macchiato £1.90

Mocha £2.00

Americano £2.00

Hot Chocolate £2.25

Pot of Tea £1.80

Caffe Corretto

Freshly ground coffee combined with the following and topped with cream


Cremoso (Baileys and Creme de Cacao)

Alessandro (Grand Marnier and Southern Comfort)

Italian Job (Amaretto and Kahlua)

Liquoroso (Coffee Kahlua and Brandy)

Jamaicano (With Rum)

Mariella (With Tia Maria)

Normanno (With Brandy)